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When it hurt to move, a lot of everyday life experiences may suddenly become impossible for you. Pain and stiffness that gets worse with movement is often caused by a condition known as tendonitis. This inflammation of the tissues that connect muscles to bones takes such common forms as Achilles tendonitis, tennis elbow and swimmer's shoulder. But whether you're an athlete with a sports injury or you're suffering from age-related tendonitis, Optimal Health Chiropractic and Massage can bring you swift, drug-free relief.

Tendonitis can prevent you from playing your favorite sports.

Why Tendonitis Happens

Muscle contraction makes all the motions of your body possible, but these contractions would be meaningless if the muscles didn't actually move the bones. Tendons are tough connective tissues that attack to the muscle on one end and to the bone on the other end, allowing muscle contraction to pull the bones.

Tendinitis often occurs in the knee, elbow, wrist, heel, and shoulder areas. Extreme stress on a tendon can cause an acute strain, with immediate pain, stiffness, and swelling. But repetitive motions can also cause tiny micro-tears in the tendons that never get an adequate chance to heal, resulting in a chronic state of tendonitis. This is especially common among athletes that constantly employ specific motions (swimming, pitching, swinging a club) -- but it can attack anyone whose work or hobby repeatedly strains specific tendons. As you age, your tendons naturally stiffen, making you increasingly prone to chronic tendonitis pain.

Sports Injury and Chronic Strain Management From Our Edmonds WA Team

Our Edmonds WA chiropractic team can provide a variety of healing services to help you overcome your tendinitis. We start with a physical evaluation to confirm the tendinitis. Tendinitis in an extremity may be related to joint misalignment within that limb. This issue can be corrected through chiropractic adjustment. We can also adjust any misalignment in your spinal column that may be throwing off your weight distribution and balance -- issues which can place unnatural stress on tendons and make you more prone to a sports injury. Massage therapy and acupuncture may be prescribed to ease your pain, boost circulation to the tendons, speed healing, and manage chronic tendonitis pain.

Let Us Treat Your Tendonitis

If tendonitis is trying to set limits on your lifestyle, fight back the natural way, with the aid of Optimal Health Chiropractic and Massage. Call (425) 361-1839 today to schedule an evaluation and treatment. We know how to tend to tendonitis!

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