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Where do you first turn when you have sudden pain? Unless it’s unbearable or a red flag, such as chest pain, many of us consult Dr. Google. Google’s an information rich resource that’s always there for us and it’s free. You type in your symptoms at a medical diagnostic site and in a seconds know that you may be suffering from any malady ever known to man.

Always ask a doctor. Remember, the type of pain you’re experiencing and your own medical history should help guide your decision of who to call. Pain associated with certain areas of your body, such as the back or neck, or pain from a known chronic condition, merit a chiropractic consultation. Here are just a few conditions chiropractors have a long history of successfully treating.

Pain radiating from your hip down your leg. May be accompanied by numbness or a tingling in the affected leg, along with inflammation and lower back pain. It could be sciatica, the result of pressure on the sciatic nerve, which runs from your hip to your leg. Untreated, sciatica causes loss of mobility and weakness to the leg. Your chiropractor can help alleviate sciatica and restore your mobility.

Intermittent pain, numbness or aching in any part of your body. Possibly a “pinched nerve”—the nerve isn’t really pinched, it’s irritated and inflamed, often due to misalignment of structures supporting the spine. Treatment of this condition is a core chiropractic skill.

Chronic pain in your muscles, joints, or head. Chronic pain doesn’t always respond well to traditional treatment and pain killers don't solve the problem, just cover it up. It’s often caused by misaligned vertebrae, a condition chiropractors are adept at correcting.

Pain or numbness of the wrist and arm. This could be carpal tunnel syndrome, the result of performing repetitive tasks with your wrists bent. Typically a work-related condition from typing or use of a mouse, carpal tunnel responds well to chiropractic treatment.

Aches pains in the knees, ankles, shoulders. Joint pain can be occur as muscles strain to compensate for poor posture or a curved spine. A chiropractor can help remedy this condition and show you how to best prevent it.

You may know the source of your pain, but it hasn't responded to traditional treatment. Accidents, back surgery, arthritis, migraines—the list is long. Chiropractic treatment can help.

Over 20 million Americans a year consult with a chiropractor. Many go seeking pain relief, but return to help improve their general health. Chiropractic is a holistic discipline that believes wellness lies in a well-functioning nervous system, which is dependent upon the spine—a spine free of misalignments. . Periodic wellness visits to a chiropractor are key to spinal and nervous system.

Dr. Marshall-Inman offers a free consultation to discuss all your health concerns. Whether for pain relief or wellness care, a concerned health professional can help you better enjoy your life.

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