Pediatric Chiropractic Care

Many people believe that chiropractic care is just for adults who have been involved in an accident. This isn't true. Adults can benefit from chiropractic care, even if they aren't injured. The same is true with children. There are several ways that your child can benefit from regular chiropractic visits at Optimal Health Chiropractic and Massage Clinic in Edmonds.

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Children Are Always Growing

Each day, even if it is just a tiny bit, your child is growing. If his or her spine is misaligned, it will put excess pressure on certain muscles and bones. If your child's spine is aligned correctly, he or she can grow the way that they are supposed to without this excess pressure.

Stronger Immune System

Studies have shown that regular chiropractic care can strengthen the immune system. Children don’t have a strong immune system, which is why children are more prone to getting sick. Since their immune system is not as strong as an adult, your child can use all the help that they can get. Regular chiropractic care can give your child's immune system the extra strength it needs.

Sick Care

Children often get earaches and sinus congestion. If your child is suffering from one of these ailments, a chiropractic adjustment can help the fluid drain from the ears. This can help your child feel better, faster.

Better Sleep

Studies have shown that you can sleep better when your body is adequately aligned. If you take your child for regular adjustments, he or she will sleep better.

Concentration and Behavior

If your child’s spine is misaligned, it will put more tension on his or her nervous system. This tension can affect your child’s behavior and attention. This can affect your child both at school and at home. With regular chiropractic care, your child may be able to concentrate more and do better in school.

Help With Digestive Issues

If your child is having digestive issues, chiropractic care can help. When your child's body is aligned, it will help things move along faster.


If your child has asthma, spinal adjustments can help to reduce the frequency and severity of your child’s asthma attacks.

Regular chiropractic care with Optimal Health Chiropractic and Massage Clinic in Edmonds can help to improve your child's health and overall well-being. We treat children of all ages. To schedule an appointment with our chiropractor, give our staff a call today at (425) 361-1839.


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