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Knee Pain Treatment with our Chiropractor in Edmonds

When you’re suffering from knee pain, making an appointment with our chiropractor might not be the first thing that comes to mind. What you may not know is that our Edmonds chiropractors are experts in evaluating and treating issues involving any part of your musculoskeletal system, and knee pain is a condition we see in our patients quite frequently at Optimal Health Chiropractic and Massage.

runner holding his knee from knee pain from a sports injury

Common Causes of Knee Pain

Some causes of knee pain are direct, such as when you suffer an acute injury. This may be the result of sports injury, car accident, or other traumatic event, and it can involve any number of the tendons, ligaments and soft tissues within and around your knee. Several sources of knee pain are common among runners, and these include IT band dysfunction and runner’s knee. Old knee injuries can also contribute to causing chronic pain in your knee, and these are all issues our chiropractor can provide treatment for.

Some other causes of knee pain include arthritis and bursitis, as well as misalignments elsewhere that put added or improper strain on your knee joint. For instance, a subluxation in your lower back may cause changes to your gait as you walk, and that can lead to an irregular movement of your knee that inflames the soft tissues, causing your symptoms.

How Our Chiropractor Can Help

Whether your knee pain is the result of an immediate dysfunction within the knee joint, or it’s caused indirectly by imbalances elsewhere, our chiropractor can provide comprehensive treatment to relieve your symptoms and correct the underlying issue. We’ll complete a thorough evaluation of your musculoskeletal system in order to provide a clear diagnosis, and we’ll then utilize a combination of therapies tailored to your specific needs.

These may include spinal adjustments as well as chiropractic adjustment of your knee joint. We also use techniques to help reduce inflammation in your soft tissues like ultrasound and massage therapy, and we can teach you some corrective exercises that will help strengthen the supporting muscles around your knee.

Benefits of the Chiropractic Approach

Chiropractic treatment of knee pain has some advantages, including an avoidance of prescription pain medications and the side effects they often bring with them. Because our treatments work to directly address the underlying issue causing your symptoms, we’re able to reduce the likelihood your pain will return. We also aim to support your body’s natural healing processes by facilitating efficient circulation so that the tissues in the injured area receive all of the nutrients they need to grow strong again.

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