FAQ on Chiropractic: Frequently Asked Questions Answered by Our Edmonds Chiropractors

Chiropractic care is a remarkably effective natural treatment method which can address a wide range of health concerns, from serious injuries to routine wellness. If you're aware of it only as a neck/back treatment, you might be astonished to learn what a big role it could play in your own family's well-being. Here are some frequently asked questions about chiropractic care as answered by our Edmonds chiropractor at Optimal Health Chiropractic and Massage.

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  • What does "chiropractic" mean? "Chiropractic" comes from the Greek words for "doing by hand." This is a reference to the fact that chiropractic manipulation began as a manual therapeutic technique. While some modern varieties of chiropractic adjustment make use of instrument-based techniques, the majority of chiropractic adjustments are still performed by hand.
  • What is a subluxation? A subluxation is a small but significant dislocation within a joint, typically afflicting the joints that articulate the spine. A subluxation can restrict joint motion, cause pain and contribute to larger musculoskeletal imbalances.
  • How does a spinal misalignment affect the body? A spinal misalignment can place unnatural strain on muscles and create disc problems that may result in pinched nerves. Pinched nerves can interfere with your body's internal communications while also referring pain and other uncomfortable sensations.
  • What causes spinal misalignment? An impact or injury can jolt the vertebrae out of alignment, or an age-related condition such as degenerative disc disease can cause a slow progression into misalignment. Years of poor posture can promote alignment problems. 
  • How does your Edmonds chiropractor fix my alignment issues? We start by evaluating your spine, symptoms and medical history until we know exactly where the problem lies. We can then make careful, precise adjustments that free up restricted joints so they can move freely and without pain once again.
  • What conditions can chiropractic care treat? Chiropractic care can treat neck pain, back pain, headaches, acute injuries, chronic pain conditions, repetitive strain injuries and many more conditions.
  • Can chiropractic care keep me well? Chiropractic care not only helps you physical problems, but it can also help you maintain wellness. That's because a healthy alignment promotes normal nerve function, which in turn keeps your physical systems working well (including the immune system). 
  • Do you combine chiropractic care with other therapies? We combine chiropractic care with various forms of massage therapy and acupuncture. These safe, natural techniques all complement each other beautifully to produce optimal results as part of a customized healing and wellness plan.
  • Can my kids undergo chiropractic adjustment? Children are excellent subjects for chiropractic care, since our gentle techniques are entirely safe for all ages. In fact, kids can benefit greatly from its ability to help them maintain a healthy musculoskeletal alignment during their formative developmental years.

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