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Chiropractic care is becoming increasingly more popular. Maybe, it's because people are looking for a treatment method besides addictive medications. Or, maybe it's because people want to avoid surgery. It could even be because more people are seeing the benefit of natural remedies. At Optimal Health Chiropractic and Massage Clinic, serving the community of Edmonds, WA, we help those suffering from back pain using natural chiropractic remedies that treat the root of the problem rather than just masking the problem.

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About Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care describes treatments that are done by hand, as the name suggests. The treatments a chiropractor in Edmonds uses to focus on the ligaments, joints, discs, and other body parts and how they function together. It addresses the issues to target the root of the problem and promote healing. 

Chiropractic Techniques 

One of the most well-recognized treatments in chiropractic care is an alignment. These procedures consist of repositioning parts of your body, so they're in alignment with one another. Ultimately, this relieves pressure on the surrounding nerves and soft tissue. Chiropractic adjustments will also allow blood to flow throughout the area more optimally. This means your body parts receive the nutrients from the blood that they need for healing to occur. 

What Chiropractic Care Treats

Most people associate a chiropractor with back pain relief. This is true to an extent since many of the patients we see have back pain. However, our chiropractor can do more than just treat back pain. 

One prime example is back pain from a herniated or bulging disc. A herniated disc occurs when you have a tear in one of the discs in your back. The fluid may leak from this opening and enter into your spinal canal. As a result, you may experience pain and even numbness. Chiropractic care realigns the spine, so your disc receives nutrients and can heal without any intrusions. A bulging disc, on the other hand, stems from age. Your discs wear out over time, and the outer portion of it becomes weak. The fluid then presses against the shell and causes it to bulge. We also use back adjustments to treat headaches, stenosis, sciatica, and more.  

Our chiropractor can use alignments on other portions of your body besides your back. It's the same concept, only the chiropractor repositions that particular joint. For instance, a chiropractor may use these adjustments for your shoulder, elbow, or knee. Commonly, adjustments are used on other parts of your body as injury treatment. 

Chiropractic care is a treatment that uses manual manipulations.

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