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Pain emanating from anywhere in the body can be distracting or debilitating, depending on its severity. Pain in the head makes it harder to concentrate, perform daily activities, or even manage stress. At Optimal Health Chiropractic and Massage, Dr. Daryll Marshall-Inman and our team in Edmonds, WA, know how to reduce the frequency and severity of your headaches and migraines without drugs or surgery.

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Types of Headaches

Not all headaches are the same. They all have one or more mixed causes. A person can experience tension headaches, migraines, a mix of tension headaches and migraines, or any combination thereof.

Headache pain can be triggered by muscles tightening in the neck, back, shoulders, or base of the skull. The squeezing of these muscles puts pressure on the nerves, which causes pain. Tension headaches can start with burning sensations or dull pain that increases. It's like a clamp squeezing down that only gets tighter and won't ease up.

Migraines are headaches that cause extreme pain in addition to a slew of other symptoms, which in some people are completely debilitating. The exact cause of migraines is not definitively known. Sometimes they’re hereditary, caused by diet, stress, hormonal changes, an allergic reaction, or other reason. A person experiencing a migraine may experience sensitivity to light, blurry vision, or nausea in addition to pain. Migraines can last hours or in some cases even a few days. Afterward, it's common for a person to be tired for another day.

Mixed headaches can have symptoms of both migraine and tension headaches. Some people start with tension headaches that don't resolve independently and then turn into a migraine later in the day.

Cluster headaches or migraines are marked by pain in one area, usually behind one eye, which will occur over several days. In some people, it might last weeks.

Chiropractic Care for Migraines and Headaches

When our spines are not correctly positioned, other ailments manifest in the rest of the body, many of which are preventable. Once your spine is properly aligned, adjusted, and decompressed, your body is given the chance to release toxins and fluid build-up near the nerves in the spinal cord. Fluids between the cells begin to move more freely and inflammation formerly present begins to dissipate.

Regular sessions of proper chiropractic treatment and massage therapy will reduce your dependence on over-the-counter medications. If you have pinched nerves or an impaired nervous system function, these will also be resolved.

Massage therapy will relax and soothe tight and sore muscles while improving lymphatic flow and blood flow to promote overall well-being. Hot and cold treatment will heat your muscles and then cool them down, and heat them again in succession, promoting an increase in blood flow in the affected areas. After a short time, headaches stop or become less painful when they are experienced.

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